Small Property Operational Management

The accommodation establishments of small capacity face greater difficulties in their management. The relatively small number of rooms and the lack of many departments require partners with enormous experience and specialization in the way of their operation. The costs should be balanced in such a way so as to avoid shortages in the supply of services to the customer. The sales plan and the management of reservations should be made in such a way so that all the suppliers of the enterprise will be happy, all customers who honor us with their choice to leave completely satisfied while avoiding older practices of decades which unfortunately even today appear, such as the over booking!

In our Company we present a comprehensive plan of management of small accommodation establishments with specific strategies which we apply with tangible results for the businessman from even the first year.

Indicatively we can mention the policies we implement regarding the departments of reservations & sales.


  • Planning of handbook of policies and procedures of department.
  • Planning and implementation of budget of the department.
  • Detailed cost of operating expenses of the department.
  • Planning and application of financial reports.
  • Evaluation and redefinition of prices in the rooms per market. We propose the planning of different prices per category of “customers – markets”.
  • Planning of commercial policy of the accommodation establishment per season, per type of room and further development with new additions.
  • Planning and implementation of a system and procedure of reservations.
  • Undertaking of central management of reservations of the company with concrete procedures and control systems. We apply a connection of the hotel program of central offices in Athens with the accommodation establishment and the all reservations are made by the specialized personnel of Athens. Thus, is achieved better control, with specific procedures, that have as a result more time for the personnel of the reception, to concentrate on customers’ service and on sales. NO CHARGE FOR THE BUSINESSMAN.
  • Planning of special printed offers, a telephone and a written procedure in the communication with the customers.
  • We put in place new strategies, as well as the entry of the accommodation establishment in the market of online channels.
  • Central management with daily monitoring, of all online booking systems. We train and we implement a procedure of monitoring and management so that in daily base we can anticipate the over booking and we are always pioneers in the extraordinary offers, in order to increase the turnover. The company places in use and grants the program Channel Manager through which it will automatically update all channels without jeopardizing the availability of accommodation establishment. NO CHARGE FOR THE BUSINESSMAN.
  • Planning of control procedures in the cleaning of the rooms.
  • Collaboration of departments of reception and cleaning with proper monitoring.
  • Evaluation of partners and suppliers of the department, focusing on the better quality and of course the better price.


  • We undertake the direction of department of sales with specific procedures and control systems.
  • Planning of the handbook of policy and procedures of the department.
  • Planning and implementation of sales budget.
  • Planning and implementation of financial reports
  • Implementation of central sales through our central offices in Athens but also in local level depending on where the accommodation establishment is located.
  • Further growth of collaborations with a number of online systems, in order to have access in the biggest possible network and receive the biggest possible turnovers.
  • Further growth of collaborations with Tour Operators of interior but also abroad, directly without the presence of intermediaries. We specifically aim, at this and we attribute in the enterprise specific economic objectives.
  • Exploitation of an autonomous sales network in a global level, via Affiliation in global networks.
  • Exploitation of the existing but also the future clientele, as well as planning of the promotional activities.
  • Proposals for the planning of the web page of the accommodation establishment or upgrade the existing one.

All of the above are only some of the areas that we can undertake to implement in small units. We understand the needs of the business, which is why we suggest specific ways for further development of the business, for a three year period and not just occasionally for the next year!

You can be informed in the Direction of our Company, analytically, for all our services. Our goal is to create and implement a clear plan, with certain movements, which will give in the accommodation establishment the possibility to be developed on a constant basis.