You have six very important reasons to collaborate

Our Basic Services


    The viability studies, aim to provide us a detailed picture, for the strengths and the weaknesses of a project. A company which, whether is existing and hence has a history, or it is under constitution.

    A well-planned viability study, analyzes the company or the work (project), describes the product or the service, gives information on the various operations and the way of administration, and provides a specialized market research, financing information and legal and tax advices.

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    We plan the trade policy of your business aiming at the increase of reservations and the plenitude of beds for as long as possible, even beyond the season. One of the main acts among others is the integration into the global sales network (on-line & off-line) with central monitoring for the on-line department and with central reservation management both from the global network, but also for customers who comes from the inside.


    In the most essential part, that of finances, we start by the monitoring of your operating expenses, while for the financial data of your company, we undertake responsibly to keep you updated with continuous reporting. We create central agreements with suppliers of your business, so we obtain better prices in the final costing. All these have as final objective the increase of customer’s financial satisfaction and the improvement of the company’s reputation in the market.


    We undertake the general management and the supervision of all the departments of the unit, Marketing of the company, but also its complete integration in the Exclusive Plan Hotels Selection, while all the proposals and the opportunities of development of business are co-signed in a works contract.


    We investigate in depth all the possibilities that your business has for the future, so we are able to plan new departments, with result the creation and development of new sources of income, both per department, as for the whole company. We lengthen the duration of the season, with result the additional revenue, always aiming at the increase of overall profits. We optimize the food, an issue that many businesses do not know that is decisive. We create thematic tourism, also we create events department, and now with completed service packages, we have the advantage over the competition.


    Being aware of this very special market in depth, we also undertake the recruitment, training, but also the assessment of qualified staff that your company will need, while knowing exactly how the mechanism of progress in the tourism sector works, we undertake the planning of operating rules, which will be adapted to your own business, but also the necessary control systems that will ensure the desired result.

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