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Our Basic Services


We carry out a complete Business Plan for the full development of the business, with re-designing of its products, with a specific philosophy and in an inclusive basis. Turnover forecast based on economic data (history) and concrete proposals of renovation aiming at maximum occupancy.



We undertake the general management and the supervision of all the departments of the unit, Marketing of the company, but also its complete integration in the Exclusive Plan Hotels Selection, while all the proposals and the opportunities of development of business are co-signed in a works contract.


We plan the commercial policy – integration into the global sales network (on-line & off-line) with central monitoring for the on-line department and with central reservation management both from the global network, but also from the inside.


Planning of new departments and developing of new sources of income as per department, as for the whole company, lengthening of the season, increase profits, optimization of Food, thematic tourism, events department, completed service packages, etc.


Monitoring of operating expenses and financial data of the enterprise with a continuous reporting, central agreements with suppliers, with final objective the increase of customers satisfaction and the improvement of the company’s reputation in the market.


We undertake the recruitment, training, assessment of qualified personnel, the planning of the operating rules of the enterprise, and the control systems, in order to guarantee the result.


Together we can Advance…

Evolution and progress are consistent in a direct transformation setting,
With result instant response and acceptance by your customers.

About us

The Exclusive Plan Hotels Selection was created by people who held strategic positions in large hotel complexes and are having direct contact with the customer and his needs.

We know from firsthand how difficult it is and at the same time tempting, to offer hospitality and satisfaction. This is what allows us to create long-lasting relations of confidence.

The warm and hospitable atmosphere of our office, our experienced and friendly staff, the directness of communication and our constant effort to improve the services we offer, ensure that every wish can come true.

We hope that we will be given the opportunity to welcome you and offer you unique moments because this suits with the spirit and our general philosophy. A warm welcome that results from our long tradition of hospitality that we hope you’ll never forget.

Our basic philosophy is to provide unique services that will impress and will remain deeply engraved in the memories of all your visitors.

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Konstantinos Kouroutis

The Exclusive Plan Team is characterized by professionalism. They are very enthusiastic about their work and always happy to assist their partners. Their experience in the Travel Industry combined with the operational flexibility and support, distinguish the Exclusive Plan Team as a key partner for our company.

Konstantinos KouroutisWebadvisorwww.webadvisor.gr
Theodosia Mpaika

When we started our collaboration we did not imagine the result that would follow and would be implemented with precision of watchmaker! Certainly in Exclusive Plan Hotels Selection they have the possibility to show off things that you cannot simply imagine!

Theodosia MpaikaCaldera Romanticawww.calderaromantica.gr
Nikos Kanales

In Exclusive Plan Hotels Selection they have the possibility to change what you consider given, because they simply know how to do their job better than anyone else, simply because they know their subject in-depth and with substance! Thank you for your support.

Nikos KanalesAsteras Paradise Club Hotelwww.asterasparadise.gr
Flora Nomikou

How could good become better and best become perfect? This is something that only the special professionals know. If you do not collaborate with Exclusive Plan Hotels Selection you would not understand it, because you just have to live it!

Flora NomikouDreaming View Suiteswww.dreamingviewsuites.com