We plan and implement development strategies for every type of food business. In this particular category are included restaurants, bars, spaces of events and Convention centers whether they belong to a hotel unit or work independently. We indicatively present a part of our duties and our commitments:

  • Consulting services in the planning of food departments (storage rooms, kitchen, bar, etc.)
  • Planning of handbook of policy and procedures of the department.
  • Planning and implementation of the budget of food departments.
  • Planning and application of financial reports. On a weekly or monthly basis we can have at our disposal valid financial information, with which we inform the owner in regular time spaces, while from the results, we plan and decide the corrective actions, where this is required.
  • Evaluation and proposals for the planning of cards per department. We propose modern ways of presentation of products and services. We present proposals for the cards of restaurant, bar, room service but also mini bars in case we wish to put it as an extra service in expensive types of rooms.
  • Planning and costing of breakfast. We propose another concept to provide breakfast based on the Mediterranean cuisine and with fresh ingredients. A weekly Costing table of breakfast with touches that would change it and would make it more attractive.
  • Costing of all cards and all offer packages, with specific Standard Recipes so that we have a detailed picture of cost per inmate, per drink in regular time spaces, so that we do not lose control of costing in the final cost of operation.
  • Planning and implementation of process of orders per department.
  • Planning and implementation of annual inventories in equipment, foods and beverages.
  • Planning of damage control process of equipment, food and beverages.
  • Adopt and implement processes of billing control of suppliers, evaluation of prices and re-negotiation where this is needed for the saving of resources.
  • Establish service processes with continuous training in technics and communication, for all the staff.
  • Promotional activities in order to increase the daily turnover.

You can be informed in the Direction of our Company for all of the services that we can implement. We commit with specific measurable goals but also to develop qualitative characteristics, either concerning the services provided, nor the safety and hygiene of products and equipment.