Big Property Operational Management

Initially we incorporate your business under the umbrella of Exclusive Plan Hotels Selection. So we create all the conditions for further development of your business in three years. Read our major commitments, which are:

  • The creation of an inclusive complex which will have been developed in such a way that its customer, finds everything inside the company, without any need to be addressed somewhere else.
  • The growth of turnover for the business per year, with specific strategies for each department so that the business starts to obtain annual, measurable financial information for both the operating costs as well as for the profits.
  • The planning and the daily operation of departments, the development of new sources of income by department, but also globally, as well as the attraction of new markets.
  • With specific policies and operating procedures per department (Manual of procedures). So each department but also the enterprise as a whole acquires operating rules that are strictly respected by the white-collar staff, the partners and the customers.
  • With a new system of recruitment, training and evaluation of staff. With a team that can meet the real needs of the business, which supports this particular philosophy.
  • With planning of central management of reservation department, with specific systems of operation and control of them.
  • Planning and daily operation of sales department – Marketing, which will aim to develop and promote the services of the unit.
  • With developing a specific sales plan, reservation and promotion with a particular unique identity (forms, contracts, rules etc).
  • The creation and daily operation of the department of events and thematic tourism. Here we have a new and a completed department within the accommodation establishment, with specific operating procedures and control systems.
  • The evaluation and further improvement of the commercial policy of the company (trade policies by targeting market, creating multiple new packages for customers, etc.) in order to cover all possible needs of any strong, concrete market, both of the interior, but mainly abroad.
  • The evaluation and further development of food departments. Breakfast, half-board menu, partnerships, cards of departments, quality of materials, service, appearance, etc. one of the standard category that we focus.
  • With control of operations and close monitoring of financial data, with specific reports by department, but also in the whole business in order to have the real data regarding our rates, but also the real profit for the business.
  • Continuous monitoring and development of all the parameters of management of the business.

And many Extras and services by department

Be informed today by our company, for all the services we can provide and implement for you and so protect the interests of your business, ensuring in this way specific numbers and commitments.