Accommodation Establishments Leases

It is perhaps the most particular sector of services for a hotel company. The businessmen are puzzled by the long-term leases that often are not paid on time or at all, in many cases the companies are delivered destroyed or with many lacks or damages in equipment and installations. Recognizing and understanding therefore, the concerns and the worries of businessmen we plan and implement a special lease program that includes a secure legal framework for the business but at the same time ensures the further development of the company.

Our Company’s leases plan is based on certain fundamental axes that are referred below:

  • Leases of 3 years, renewable annually, and if the two sides are happy with the cooperation.
  • Rent contract with specific content and specific commitments and bilaterally clauses. Simply, a lease of a professional space is not enough when we speak for accommodation establishments and places at risk the company against any non-professional.
  • Specific rent per year on a monthly basis.
  • Inventory and delivery of installations and equipment by the company with clauses of re-establishment and delivery of these clauses at the end of the contract.
  • Termination clause of unilateral cooperation in favor of the businessman. It is expressly agreed that, for every delayed installment of the company, more than one month, the contract is automatically terminated, without the Company having the right to claim compensation.
  • Plan of development of business for the next five years. The businessman is very important to know the future of his business, but also the benefits that will have at the end of the five year contract, if and when he chooses not longer to continue with us.

The basic commitments undertaken by our Company in case of lease:

  • Will be responsible for the management, planning and daily operation of the accommodation establishment.
  • Will be responsible for the safekeeping of assets of the accommodation establishment it undertakes.
  • Supervises and is responsible for legal compliance and update of books and records by the tax legislation of the accommodation establishment it undertakes.
  • Will proceed in a rapid re-establishment of every potential damage for cases that it is responsible for the reasons and the causes that caused it.
  • Will be responsible for the safety of the accommodation establishment it undertakes, as well as for the saving of resources.
  • Will check the compliance with the technical controls of the machinery of the mechanical equipment of the accommodation establishment it undertakes.
  • Will ensure the cleanliness with meticulousness on a daily basis, and also for cleaning of the premises that it undertakes with the present contract.
  • Will make suggestions on any expenses that are judged necessary for the better operation of the premises (operational improvements, aesthetic interventions, re-establishment, etc.).
  • Will take the necessary measures to increase the turnover in the areas of the accommodation establishment it undertakes.
  • will bear the operating expenses of the accommodation establishment it undertakes, which include among others:
  • Staff: payroll, training, insurance, uniforms, etc.
  • Administrative support and settlement of all natures operating accounts (electricity, telephone, water, etc.)

So if you believe that the comprehensive proposal that we present above covers you, contact the Direction of our company and come to discuss together, all the parameters of our future cooperation.